Del Prado Miniature Books Wanted

Do you have miniature books to sell? I often have inquiries about how to value miniature books and especially Del Prado Miniature Classics. Prices do fluctuate from time to time, so I tend to use the closed listings on eBay to see what people are actually buying them for these days.

Doing an advanced search on eBay and checking the “Sold Listings” checkbox gives you this very useful information. Here you see what people are actually paying for things. Simply looking at what some space cadets are savagely asking for books in the current eBay listings (and failing to sell week after week) will not help you and only lead to much disappointment!

If you would be interested in selling your miniature books to me I would be delighted to hear from you. I would however recommend that you do your own research as to the value of your books first. Books may sit in my catalogue for months and even years, so what I can afford to pay for them may otherwise seem disappointingly low!

With this in mind, if you think that selling to me would be the fair and simple option as opposed to other methods, please do get in touch: