Del Prado Miniature Book prices Strange fluctuations!

Strange Fluctuations Of Del Prado Miniature Classics Prices:

I was just looking for copies of a Del Prado miniature book titles that I’m out of stock of to fill the holes in our catalogue. No sign of some of them any anywhere. Some titles are now becoming harder to source and cost more and more to replace.

What I found in my search though was a rather bizarre price explosion on one of the major online retail websites! (Name withheld to avoid a “river” of complaints.)  I doubt very much if they are selling many books with prices like £38.14 – £ 51.71 for a humble copy of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness! Most other titles are similarly over inflated.

I’ve seen this happen on this site before when I used to sell there and am not sure if it is a case of greed or madness on the part of the private sellers or whether there is some other strange strategy at play. I promise you will not find such ludicrous price fluctuations here on Matt’s Miniature books! Prices on other famous retail websites are more stable except for the slow increase of the more scarce titles.

Where do all the books go?

It has become more and more clear to me that there are (among others) two distinct types of buyer for the Del Prado Miniature Classics series: (Needless to say: you are both most welcome here!)

There is the collector who wishes to own the whole series resplendent on the original Del Prado miniature Classics bookshelves.

There is also the buyer who chooses one or a few of the more well loved titles. Perhaps they are stories that are familiar to you or that have some significance to someone you are buying a gift for.

Either way, when you buy copies of Del Prado Miniature Classics you are not only buying a thing of beauty you are also buying an investment. This has never more been the case especially with the increasingly rare titles. As always I endeavor to be able to offer a full catalogue at a price that is fair to all given the state of the current market (and never to sell you down the river!)

by Matt