Miniature Book Prices

Prices on Matts Miniature Books

Scarce Miniature Books:

Just a note about Matt’s Miniature Books pricing. You may notice a great variety of prices for seemingly similar condition books of the same title here on the site. This is to do with a particular title’s scarcity and the number of copies we have in stock. It also takes into account the cost of replacing stock. Some titles are now becoming both more difficult to find and more costly to obtain.

Common Miniature Books:

If we have several copies of titles that are fairly easy to replace, there will always be at least one at a low price. That’s the one to go for as the higher priced items will possibly not be in any better condition. Just that by the time the lower priced ones have been purchased they will be that bit more scarce: on this site at least! Obviously as new stock of those titles comes in, the low cost stock will be available once again.

Only One Left!

If we have only one copy left of a title and the replacement cost is high and the item hard to replace, then obviously the cost of the scarce title will reflect this.

Fair Play!

We hope this is fair to everyone. It helps us to ensure that we are not selling at a price that will not allow us to replace stock and ensures that if we have a good supply, we can meet the demand for lower priced books.

Pricing on the site is something that is continually under review. Whilst obviously we need to make a profit, we do hope to settle prices to an equilibrium that is fair to all.

Even More Fair Play!

From time to time we offer coupon codes via our mailing list that can save you money when checking out. Please do sign up for notifications at the bottom of the Homepage if you’d like to be kept up to date. We do run offers on the site at times as well and these will always be mentioned on the homepage. To use the coupon codes simply enter the code in the coupon window when you are checking out and the discount will be applied automatically.

Can’t Say Fairer Than That!