Miniature Book Shelves

After dabbling with some pine and a new rebate plane…

Just a quick post with these pics and info. For a while now I’ve been looking at my collection of miniature books spread about on full sized bookshelves as well as here there and everywhere else! I’ve been toying with the idea of making some made to measure miniature book shelves to keep them on.

Whilst in Wickes the other day I took the plunge and grabbed some off the shelf strips of pine and pine moulding and set to work. Here are some pictures of the 1st set of shelves taken in the rather strange lighting in my kitchen:

through housing joints capped off with moulding

Through housing joints capped off with moulding

DSCN5062 Miniature Book Shelves in Pine Del Prado  Miniature Book shelves mbs3 mbs4 mbs6 2mbs5 mbs10

I’ve so enjoyed making these that I’ll definitely do some more. In fact I picked up an old oak bookshelf from my local auctions for less that the pine for this one cost and have already dismantled them ready for recycling.

I’ll try and get some construction pictures next time for anyone interested in making something similar. I’ve used through housing joints for the shelves and finished the front edges with moulding. The carcase was joined at the corners with half lap joints and the tongue and groove back was rebated into the carcase. The whole thing is glued. No screws or nails on this one.

I’ll add some better pictures when I’ve had a chance to take some in better light. I’m unsure how I’ll finish this. I’m not all that keen on new pine or modern stains and varnishes so I’m thinking about a distressed painted look at the moment. Probably very distressed with quite a bit of wood showing through 🙂