Matt’s Miniature Books Store Opening on Friday 27th June 14

Hi just a quick announcement. I will be working on listing a first batch of Del Prado Miniature Classics Library books for sale on the site for this coming Friday 27th June 2014.  I now have quite a stock of these and it’s time to get them listed! I’ll be starting in a fairly small way as this is more of a hobby for me than a full time fully fledged business (at the moment anyway). Please do check in on Friday and thereafter if you are interested in what’s on offer.

Many thanks to the people who are already visiting the site. It’s great to see it get so much traffic. I hope to build this up to be a great resource for all who are interested in miniature books generally as well a providing a good resource for buying, selling and exchanging them.

Hope to see you on Friday. Looks like I’m committed to do some hard work over the next couple of days!