What is a Miniature Book?

Miniature Book or Pocket Book?

I’ve been trawling the net for the definitive maximum size considered to be a “miniature book.” One scholarly article on Abe Books states that “the present definition of a miniature book is any book that is less than about 3 inches in width or length.” See the article on Abe Books.

It is similar to the definition offered by Wikipedia in their article about miniature books which states that a miniature book may be from half and inch square “to roughly 2 by 3 inches.” It continues to expound by adding that they are “no larger than 3 inches in height, width, or thickness.”

The Miniature Book Society adds that outside of the USA many people collect books of 4″ or so and categorise them as miniature.

I guess the whole thing could be seen as a tad subjective . What is a miniature book to you? I haven’t heard of anyone being sued for misrepresentation for selling a book of 4 1/4 inches and claiming it to be miniature but it’s possibly just a matter of time 🙂 Therefore I’m sticking with 3 inches maximum dimension for my definition of a miniature book as that is pretty straight forward. Not sure what I’ll call a 4 incher. Maybe a king size miniature book? We’ll see.

Miniature Books 4,000 Years of Tiny Treasures by Bromer, Anne C., Edison, Julian I

I also came across a great looking book whilst on Abe and immediately bought a copy. I’ll let you know if it’s as good as it looks. Or maybe you could let us all know if you have read it already! It’s also available on Amazon and eBay though Abe had by far the best deal – sorry, I already ordered the best of the best deals!Will have to wait up to 3 weeks for shipping from USA though.

That got me thinking. Especially as my site name is Pick My Pocket Books. What exactly is a pocket book? I remember having a pocket book on fishing at one time and thinking you’d need awfully big pockets to put that in! In fact I think it would have made a good seat to sit on whilst dabbling bait in the water in the hope of catching something according to it’s lofty instruction.

Without realising it I seem to have begun a quest. A quest to find the biggest pocket book! If you have a moment of frivolity by all means drop me a line with the dimensions of you most bloated pocket book and I’ll update here with the “definitive Largest Pocket Book Size” 😉